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About Us

Jerry's Gaskets was established in 2008 with four principal objectives;

  • C4 ZR-1 Corvettes are our ONLY business
  • high quality gaskets, seals & parts
  • reasonable prices 
  • excellent customer service.

Now in our 12th year, our customers continue to confirm our achievement of all three objectives. 

We own ZR-1 Corvettes, are involved in the ZR-1 community and feel the passion for this truly exotic Corvette. Jerry's Gaskets provides a single, reliable source for LT5 gaskets, seals and both new & used engine parts.

Our gaskets and seals were engineered and developed utilizing a combination of original engine drawings and actual engine parts. All gaskets and seals have been verified by check-fit onto actual, corresponding engine components for proper fitment. Specific materials were selected to provide the best possible service for the application.  All gaskets are die cut for accuracy with clean, sharp edges, and produced with tooling made specifically for and exclusive to Jerry's Gaskets.

Jerry's Gaskets are used and recommended by the most respected builders and tuners in the world for the LT5 engine. Please review the product description for detailed information about each item. 

Take confidence knowing that EVERYTHING on our website is in OUR stock, on OUR shelves and ready for IMMEDIATE shipment.  If the last stock item is sold, it immediately drops from the website or is clearly marked SOLD OUT.

Thank you for considering Jerry's Gaskets for your LT5 needs.  We sincerely appreciate our customers.